Presence = Humor, Childlike Mischief (revised)

Bathroom Meditation

Bathroom Meditation

There is an article on Shambala and the way it described presence as being full of joy, was so nicely put that iI realized that this is what this Joy of Bean blog was  all about.

Many enlightened individuals develop a deceptively simple sense of humor, a seemingly childlike enjoyment of all that is beautiful and wondrous. I once saw Karma Senge Rinpoche, on his visit to Nova Scotia, be absolutely riveted watching a clown play with a child’s bubble-wand. Of course, clowns are a popular element of traditional Buddhist public celebrations in Tibet.

It seems to me that converts to Buddhism, like converts to any religion, tend to want to take it very seriously at first. Taking our spiritual path seriously is of course important, but humor is beneficial for mindfulness training, as it illuminates the joy of being present….- by Claire Heisler

Meditation or even buddhism which is based on the experience of meditation, can be such a daunting, serious, ominous, almost self-important or self-absorbed endeavor – but when you have actually discovered the Now and the Joy of Being you may realize that these descriptions are the antithesis of what its all about! I have to agree with Eckhart Tolle, when he says be careful of any guru that is too serious. And I would add too self-righteous. The best measure of our experience of the Now is our degree of Joy at each moment.

So its all making sense in some ways…this blog is about meditation, aligning myself with joy, funny cartoons, mischievousness, laughing, and my enjoyment of writing for this blog. Enjoy!

Below is the original article:

Dharma humor, Buddhist comics, and a new IPhone App.  Reported by Claire Heisler
Well, I don’t have an Iphone, and I’m not needing one now, but I will say Iphones are really cool!

The Worst Horse is a blog where hilarious Buddhist and pop-culture intersect (Funny Stuff!):

Here is a Buddhist Cartoon site as well!

I’m sure there are other comics or videos that exhibit the Funny bones of Meditation. As they come I’ll be sure to post them!

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